Strategic Consulting

Project guidance and development, corporate finance, deal management and other core services for your international business.

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Financial Guidance

Asset protection, escrow services, estate planning, financial advisory, hedging strategies, wealth management, wealth preservation and more.

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International Planning

Offshore companies, trusts and foundations, corporate structuring, international tax planning, banking, aircrafts and yachts, second passports, citizenship and residency programs.

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Carlo Scevola and Partners

Asset protection, international tax planning, offshore companies and trusts formation, foundations, wealth management: these are just some of the services we provide in more than 80 jurisdictions.

CS&P is an international fiduciary company with a presence in six continents. Our customer-centric methodology ensures that each client gets a custom-tailored solution which addresses that business’ individual objectives and requirements; not some cookie-cutter program.

We have over 30 years of experience and a team of 150 highly qualified professionals around the world; we setup efficient and innovative solutions for a wide range of clients, both private and corporate, from small startups to big multinational corporations.

If you are looking for a firm with big company thinking and small company touch, find out how Carlo Scevola & Partners can deliver the best of both worlds.

We provide a wide range of services in over 80 jurisdictions.

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Tax Advice

Effective and fully customized international tax planning strategies to minimize personal and corporate taxes.

Banking Solutions

We assist with choosing the best offshore banking partner for your business or for your personal finances.

Asset Protection

Safeguard your confidentiality, save on taxes protect your assets and increase profits through innovative asset protection schemes.

Offshore companies

Setup an offshore company for managing your business or your personal finances in a low tax environment.

Second Citizenship

We offer attractive programs for obtaining a second passport in many countries of the world, also in Europe.

Government Licenses

If you need to setup an e-gaming business, a Forex broker, a hedge fund or any other regulated business, we have the solution.

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Swiss Binationals Continue to Renounce US Citizenship

April 10, 2014

The first half of 2013 has seen record-breaking numbers of U.S. citizens renouncing their citizenship in a single year. As this trend continues to gain traction on a worldwide scale, Switzerland has distinguished itself through its extraordinarily high expatriation rates. In a recent speech at an American International Club dinner, Donald Beyer, the former U.S. […]

Asset Protection | A strategy

March 28, 2014

Asset protection is a strategy that allows to protect one’s assets from lawsuits, government seizures, ex-spouses, and debt collectors; often assets are kept in offshore accounts or investments. Asset protection sometimes also referred to as debtor-creditor law is a set of legal techniques and a body of statutory and common law dealing with protecting assets […]

Asset Protection Meaning

October 22, 2013

Asset Protection The words “Asset Protection” are used quite a bit in the world of asset management and tax planning. What do they mean? They mean protecting one’s assets from being seized by government agencies, tax officials, ex-spouse following a messy divorce, or to pay off a court ordered judgment resulting from a civil lawsuit. […]

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